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Five reasons to use recruiter

When you hear the word ‘recruiter’ what comes to mind? 

Unfortunately, the recruitment industry doesn’t always get the praise it deserves. Applicants can easily be put off by bad reviews, or stories shared on LinkedIn about recruiters only being out for themselves, and worst of all, untrustworthy. Most recruitment companies follow a code of conduct, upholding employment law, GDPR and ensuring a quality process. Like any industry, there are a few bad eggs that spoil it for the rest. However, it’s understandable that some people may decide to look to Google Jobs, indeed, CV Library or LinkedIn to find their next role instead of choosing a recruiter.

Often, applicants turn to recruitment agencies when they find that they’re getting nowhere by doing it alone. Applying direct can often mean no feedback and sometimes no communication at all. Ghosted to be exact.

So why choose a recruiter?

There are some real benefits to using a Recruitment Consultant, and Kensington’s have devised the Top 5 reasons you should consider using one to find your next job.

1. Gain Access to the Market

Recruiters have a wide knowledge of the jobs market, and all the companies working in their specialist industry. They have relationships with clients that go back years, and an understanding of the competitive landscape. So, by working with a recruiter, they can not only share your application with a client who has a specific job that you’re interested in, but other companies in the same realm. Of course, all recruiters should be working under data protection, so it would be illegal for a recruiter to send your information anywhere that you haven’t given consent to. Once consented, recruiters who know their market will be able to draft a list of companies you’d be suitable for and introduce your profile to them. Sit back and let the recruiter do the work for you.

2. Be the first to know

Recruiters aren’t only recruiting for jobs they have live, because they’re salespeople and they forecast. So, they know where the next jobs are coming from. Recruiters will have several repeat business clients, some of whom may be a good employer match for you. Ask a recruiter to keep you in the loop and if you’re able to, sign up for their job alerts. If you are a good match, it’s likely you’re the first person the recruiter will get in touch with when that job is finally given the green light, so make sure you ask what jobs are coming in and tell them that you want to be kept updated. 

  1. Recruiters will save you time

    Recruitment takes time. Why do it alone when someone can do it for you, for free? A recruiter will ensure that your CV is up to standard, and they can sell you into a company, provide free advice and detailed feedback and you don’t really have to lift a finger. It’s a recruiter’s job to do this and they dedicate their day to it, so it’s best to use the services available to you, rather than finding a spare ten minutes in your evenings trying to chase applications and speak to prospective employers.

    4. Interview preparation tips and feedback

    If you apply direct to a vacancy advertised by the company, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive feedback from the hiring manager because there’s no commitment, and they simply don’t have time. However, when a company engages with a recruiter, feedback is a standard part of the process. A recruiter will know their client, and their interview style, so they will be able to offer you tips and advice on how to approach your interview. Recruiters will also chase feedback for you and aim to get as much detail as possible. Even if you are unsuccessful a recruiter can offer advice on how to develop your interviewing skills and maximise your opportunity of landing the job.

    5. Negotiating the best deal

    Recruiters are on your side; they want to get the best deal they can for you. It would be a wasted effort for you and for them, if they’ve spent time getting to understand you and what you need from your next move, to let it fall at the last hurdle. Recruiters will fight your corner and negotiate with your future employer, ensuring that you accept an offer with no reservations and no regrets. Whilst doing this, recruiters will ensure that this negotiation doesn’t reflect badly on you and will continue to communicate to the client why you’re the perfect match. 

Imagine having to negotiate with your future employer about increasing your salary before you’ve even started? Exactly, it’s best left to us. 

So, there you have it, 5 reasons why choosing a recruiter to find your next job isn’t a bad move. If you’re in the market for a new position and not sure where to start, speak to one of our Recruitment Consultants today. Kensington’s offers all the above and more, all free of charge. Why waste an opportunity like that? 

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