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Future Of Hiring

The 3D printing industry has grown exponentially over the past decade, with new technologies and advancements unfolding daily. And with those advancements comes the never-ending need for talented professionals.

Unfortunately, the talent pool for these high-performers is finite, so it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve when recruiting and retaining top talent. Nowadays, your employer branding is even more important than ever.

So here are some hiring strategies to ensure your company stays competitive in this increasingly competitive space.

Transparency in Recruitment

In a world where information is just a click away, transparency has become integral to successful recruitment processes. Candidates now expect to know precisely what they are getting into from day one, and businesses need to be prepared to meet those expectations.

Providing detailed job descriptions and a realistic overview of both the challenges and opportunities associated with working for your company will help ensure that candidates have an accurate understanding of what you’re looking for before applying.


Be Responsive

When you’re a candidate in a recruitment process, there’s nothing worse than radio silence. That’s why responding quickly and accurately to any queries you might receive is essential. Not only will this make the candidate feel appreciated, but it will also ensure that they don’t move on to another company in the meantime. First impressions count, and prompt communication sends out a positive message to candidates.

Compensation & Benefits Package

When competing for talent in an ever-growing industry such as 3D printing, offering a competitive compensation and benefits package is essential. There’s a twofold benefit of ensuring your current employees remain satisfied with their compensation and attracting new talent seeking job security with enticing benefits packages.

In Europe, there are many statutory benefits of paid holiday and sickness benefits which potential employees value massively. So, if you’re in the US, why not look at other ways to delight your staff with an attractive benefits package?

Unique Advantages

What sets your company apart from the competition? One way to elevate your business above other companies looking to hire 3D printing professionals is by showcasing how your company has made contributions or advancements in the additive manufacturing industry.

Potential candidates want to know that they have an opportunity to make a difference while working at your company. So highlighting any achievements can be a great way to show them how much impact they could have if they join your team.

Show clear opportunities for career growth

When it comes to retaining and recruiting talent, providing clear opportunities for career growth is essential. Even in entry-level positions, ambitious and skilled candidates will be drawn to workplaces that offer potential paths of advancement rather than stagnant jobs with no apparent progression or rewards.

Having a well-defined career path gives employees a greater sense of purpose. It encourages continuous self-development by letting them stay in touch with the latest trends and technologies. It also enables employers to capture and retain top talent within the organisation as employees may be more likely to remain loyal knowing that there is a chance to gain better responsibilities and a higher salary.

Offering opportunities for career growth not only benefits the employee but can also have positive effects on both the employer’s recruitment efforts and overall business growth.

Provide training and development opportunities

Providing employee training and development opportunities is essential to business success. It keeps morale high, increases loyalty and engagement, and helps employees learn new skills. With these elements in place, a company can better recruit and retain the talent it needs to succeed.

Investing in employee training has been shown to boost productivity, reduce staff turnover costs, and increase customer satisfaction. All of which results in better results for the bottom line.

The best people want to be better. So offering additional development opportunities such as career coaching and mentoring programs are excellent incentives that attract top talent while providing employees with the means to improve their knowledge base, grow professionally, and challenge themselves.

In short, employers who invest in training and development show they value their current workforce by offering them pathways for advancement. An invaluable tool for keeping a talented team together.

Flexible work arrangements

Flexible work arrangements such as remote working, flexible hours, and part-time schedules are becoming increasingly popular with candidates of all ages. In addition to providing employees with the opportunity to achieve a better work-life balance, it also helps companies retain existing talent and attract new hires from a broader range of backgrounds.

In the post-pandemic world, offering flexible or hybrid working has become the norm in many industries. Having the experience of being forced to work remotely, people have re-evaluated their priorities in life and want a better balance between work and home.


In summary, there are many ways of making your company stand out as the employer of choice for 3D printing professionals. In particular, highlighting achievements in the additive manufacturing industry is a great way to show potential candidates how much of an impact they could have when working with you.

Plus, offering clear career growth opportunities, training and development opportunities, and flexible work arrangements can help attract top talent and retain current employees.

All of these go a long way towards ensuring your team is successful while providing an attractive working environment that appeals to ambitious professionals.

Kensington Additive is dedicated to providing a seamless recruitment service for the 3D printing industry in the US and Europe.

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