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In 2023, job seekers have more power than ever. With greater access to information postings and company reviews, candidates are well-informed and can make reasoned decisions about your company. They can quickly spot companies that are dismissive, intimidating, or arrogant with their recruitment process, and they will avoid applying to such businesses. Therefore, companies must adapt to the changing job market and take on a candidate-centric approach that puts the candidate’s needs and expectations first.​

Recruiting the best and brightest talent is critical for any business or organisation that aims to succeed and thrive. An “all about you” approach to recruitment, which overlooks the needs and expectations of candidates, isn’t the way to recruit the best people. That approach can result in a frustrating and time-consuming experience for candidates, which can have ripple effects on their perception of your organisation and your brand.​

So, let’s look at why it’s time to put candidates at the centre of your recruitment process and how this can lead to better outcomes for you and your potential employees.

What do Candidates Want in 2023?

Candidates want more from their employers than just a high salary or an interesting job description. Today’s job seekers are looking for a holistic employment experience that aligns with their personal and professional values.​

For instance, flexible working arrangements, career development opportunities, and better work-life balance are all factors that can attract top talent and improve retention rates. It’s essential that your recruitment process, from job postings to interviews, reflect these priorities and communicate them to candidates. By doing so, you will distinguish your organisation from others that focus solely on the bottom line.​

Is your Employer Branding on Point?

In these highly competitive times, employer branding has become crucial to attract and retain employees. Your brand is not just about your products or services or having a cool logo. It’s also about your values and culture.​

A solid and consistent employer brand can help you to stand out from the competition, connect with a diverse range of candidates, and build trust and loyalty with current and future employees. An irresistible employer brand can positively impact your reputation and bottom line.​

So, invest in your employer brand and ensure your recruitment process reflects your organisation’s unique value proposition.​

Don’t be a Ghoster

Communication is another essential factor in building a robust and effective recruitment process that puts candidates at the centre. A common gripe from candidates is being left in the dark about the progress of their application, sometimes even after attending multiple rounds of interviews. This can lead to frustration and disillusionment, resulting in a negative perception of your company.​

So, it’s crucial to have a transparent and responsive communication channel to keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process. A timely and personalised response can be the difference between a happy and satisfied candidate and one that bears a grudge against your organisation.​

Make Your Recruitment Slick

Multiple rounds of interviewing combined with excessive tests and assessments may harm your recruitment process. While it’s important to assess candidates as thoroughly as possible, these practices put undue pressure on candidates, jeopardise their job security, and ultimately reflect poorly on your organisation.​

A long and drawn-out recruitment process can also prevent you from attracting the best candidates, particularly those in high demand. Indeed, many candidates are put off by a complicated application process that demands too much of their time and resources. Streamline your recruitment process, reduce the number of stages, and make it straightforward and more accessible for candidates.​


In conclusion, a recruitment process that puts candidates at the centre can be an effective way to attract, engage and retain top talent. By aligning your employment experience with the needs and expectations of your candidates, you can build a positive reputation, a strong employer brand, and a loyal workforce.​

Your recruitment process should be transparent, straightforward, and accessible, reflecting your values and culture every step of the way. If you’re serious about recruiting high-quality candidates and standing out in a crowded market, it’s time to put candidates at the heart of your process.

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