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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Panic Hiring in Additive Manufacturing: A Strategic Guide

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Panic Hiring in Additive Manufacturing: A Strategic Guide


When the pressure is on, customers need products, and you have a gap in your business, the temptation to hire the wrong person is high.

At Kensington Additive, we understand the unique pressures that drive businesses to make hasty decisions in recruitment, often leading to what we call ‘panic hiring.’ This blog aims to dissect the reasons behind panic hiring, shed light on its repercussions, and, most importantly, guide you toward smarter, strategic alternatives.


Understanding Panic Hiring


Panic hiring occurs when a business fills a vacancy under pressure – often without due diligence in the recruitment process. You know it’s the wrong decision. But you also know there’s no other option. In times like that, it’s easy to take the route of a bad hire being better than no hire at all.

This situation might arise from sudden growth, unforeseen employee departures, or the urgent need for specialized skills. While the immediate impulse to patch the gap is understandable, the long-term consequences of such a decision can be far-reaching, affecting team dynamics, productivity, and financial health.


The True Cost of a Bad Hire


Think of a bad hire as an iceberg – what you see above the water’s surface is just a fraction of the total cost. There’s the initial outlay for recruitment and training, yes, but hidden below are the costs of lost productivity, decreased morale among your dedicated team, potential disruption to client relationships, and the possible tarnishing of your brand’s reputation. These unseen costs can run deep, compounding over time, and may not be immediately apparent.


Interim Professionals: A Strategic Alternative


Now, let’s consider the alternative: an interim professional. Picture this as a finely crafted bridge over troubled waters. It’s a strategic investment, certainly, but unlike the iceberg scenario, the expenditure here is predictable and controlled.

You gain an immediate injection of expertise and stability, ensuring continuity and performance while you search for the perfect permanent fit. This professional seamlessly integrates, drives your projects forward, and imparts knowledge along the way without the long-term risks of a rushed hiring decision.

In essence, you’re not cutting costs – you’re adding value with every day the interim professional is part of your team. With Kensington Additive by your side, opting for an interim solution is the embodiment of taking a sideways step to leap forward.


Recognising a Misaligned Hire


How do you know if you’ve made a panic hire? The warning signs can be subtle – a lack of synergy with the team, missed targets, or even discord in workplace culture. Recognizing these signs early is key to mitigating negative impacts. Though difficult, the next step involves making informed decisions about realignment or transition, always focusing on what’s best for both the individual and the company.


Best Practices for Avoiding Panic Hiring


Avoiding panic hiring starts with a well-thought-out recruitment plan. It’s like a roadmap for your business’s future success. A good plan is intricately designed with clear milestones and a direction that aligns perfectly with your company’s vision and goals.

It begins with a deep understanding of the skills needed for the job today and the adaptability and innovation required for the roles of tomorrow. This blueprint should incorporate proactive talent scouting, leveraging digital platforms and personal networks to create a continuous talent pipeline.

It’s more than filling vacancies. It’s about fostering relationships with potential candidates long before an opening arises, ensuring a cultural fit that benefits the employees and the company. Additionally, a robust recruitment plan includes a thorough yet flexible interview process that adapts to uncover the true potential of candidates, coupled with an onboarding process designed to integrate new hires into the fabric of the company seamlessly.

At Kensington Additive, we see the recruitment plan as a living document that evolves with your business. Regularly reviewing your plan ensures you’re always ready to welcome the talent to drive your growth and innovation.

In addition, maintaining a talent pipeline and engaging in ongoing conversations with potential candidates can drastically reduce the need for hasty decisions. Leveraging your networks and partnering with specialized recruitment firms like Kensington Additive can help identify the right talent for your needs, ensuring a strategic fit for the long term.


In Short


Recruitment in the additive and advanced manufacturing sector is fraught with challenges. However, understanding the pitfalls of panic hiring and embracing strategic alternatives can make all the difference. Remember, the cost of a bad hire extends beyond finances; it impacts team morale, productivity, and your business’s reputation. Investing in a thorough recruitment process and considering interim solutions can save you time and money and safeguard your company’s future.


Next Steps


Don’t let panic hiring derail your business’s success. Contact Kensington Additive today for a consultation on strategic hiring solutions tailored to the unique needs of the additive manufacturing industry. Together, we’ll build a stronger, more resilient future for your business.


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